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In addition to Chinese Herbs, Tai Ji Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture also offers natural pain relief, beauty products and organic & natural teas and vitamins for purchase at the clinic (no appointment necessary) or by mail order. To order products please call 719-559-4550.  Please note that ordering Chinese Herbs if you are not an existing patient does require a consultation by phone or in person with Dr. Ting and there is a consultation fee.

Golden Sunshine Natural Pain Relief and Beauty & Skin Care

Golden Sunshine Natural Beauty & Skin Care

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body, and often the most neglected. But did you know that taking care of this sole external organ can also provide benefits to our internal health and overall physical and mental well-being? Golden Sunshine skin care products are all organically and naturally made and also contain the best Chinese Herbs for maintaining your skin’s health, such as Reishi, Ginseng and Pearl.

Golden Sunshine Pain TerminatorPain Terminator
As featured on the Dr. Oz Show (at 1:40) this special blend of Frankencense, Myrrha and Chinese Herbs is amazing at naturally alleviating pain, reducing inflammation & swelling (including for pre and post surgery) and soothing aches & pains.  Available in Cream, Patch and Spray form.  The spray is especially great for keeping in your gym bag to apply after working out.

Organic & Natural Loose Herbal and Green Teas

The finest quality loose teas to compliment the treatments we do here and help maintain your health. Loose teas are made from the best parts of the plants (buds, whole tea leaves, large pieces of leaves or a combination of these parts) and are often hand-picked at the optimal time of year to maintain the highest flavor and quality. Our teas are available by the ounce with discounts available the more ounces you purchase.

Women's Blend Herbal TeaWomen’s Blend Herbal Tea
Gorgeous tasting blend created to help nurture, cleanse and balance a woman’s body, but also contains many ingredients and properties beneficial to men's health.

Feel Better Blend Herbal TeaFeel Better Blend Herbal Tea
For when you are not feeling well, or need something to help you relax and unwind. Excellent for sleep, stress/anxiety and stomach issues, as well as for boosting the immune system and naturally relieving common cold symptoms.

Clementine Sunset Herbal TeaClementine Sunset Herbal Tea
Exceptional, multi-purpose tea. Great for helping to calm and sleep, detoxifying the body, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, easing stomach issues and cramping, improve bone density and fight cancer and illness.

Egyptian Hibiscus Organic Herbal TeaEgyptian Hibiscus Organic Herbal Tea
Flavorful tea which helps with digestion, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, is a great diuretic, good source Vitamin C and has powerful cancer fighting properties.

Jasmine Peony Organic Green TeaJasmine Peony Organic Green Tea
Apart from the having high anti-oxidants and other properties of green tea, this brew can help strengthen the immune system, act as an anti-aging agent by eliminating free radicals, assist with weight loss and improve circulation.

Cranberry Sencha Green TeaCranberry Sencha Green Tea
Fragrant blend known to help treat/prevent urinary tract infections, but also contains all the amazing benefits of green and hibiscus teas.

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